Try Out & Try On products in Augmented Reality

Increase consumer confidence & reduce returns!

Features February 17th, 2022

Preview & try-out products in your own space using Emersya’s Interactive AR technology!

One of the limitations of online shopping is the inability to try-out products before you buy them.
What if you could empower customers to not only try out your products online, but also to visualize them in their own home!

Using Augmented Reality and a device with an integrated camera, it is possible to project a virtual product into an online shopper's physical surroundings.

Enabling online consumers to visualize and try-out products in the context of their own home:

  • Increases consumer confidence,
  • accelerates the decision making process,
  • increases customer satisfaction,
  • builds brand loyalty,
  • reduces the number of returns.

With Emersya's web-based Interactive AR technology, online customers can:

  • Position, move & rotate a product in their chosen space to see where it would best fit.
  • Check out the different colors available against their deco.
  • And even trigger animations to simulate a product's features!
Discover Samsonite suitcases in Augmented RealitySamsonite suitcases: Interactive AR storytelling

The product is shown to scale (to the nearest mm!) and with the same photo-realism as in Emersya's Interactive 3D viewer. The experience takes place directly within the product page, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience.

With Emersya's technology, consumers can even customize products online in Augmented Reality, without leaving the product page!

Virtual Try-on

Emersya has also developed a virtual try-on experience for glasses and headwear.

Using Emersya's Augmented Reality technology, online customers can visualize what products (such as glasses, hats, helmets etc.) would look like on themselves, directly on the brand's website.
Try on sunglasses online in ARBollé Brands: Try-On Sunglasses in Augmented Reality

The Emersya team's most recent innovation in this space uses artifical intelligence to empower shoppers to visualize themselves wearing different items of clothing.
Customers can upload a photo of themselves to a brand's website to "try on" their different products

Emersya’s Interactive 3D & AR technology can be embedded in any website and integrated with existing CMS, eCommerce, ERP and PIM / DAM systems. The same web-based Interactive AR experience can be offered online and in-store, using mobile or tablet devices.

The Emersya platform enables brands to effortlessly create, manage, deploy and share immersive 3D & AR shopping experiences, without the need for any advanced technical expertise.

Here are some more examples of the different types of Interactive Web AR product experiences that can be created using the Emersya platform:

Try out KRUPS coffee machine in Augmented Reality
Krups coffee machine in Interactive AR

Customize furniture in 3D, Visualize in AR

Customize in Interactive 3D, Visualize instantly in Augmented Reality!

Sofa example

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